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WhatsApp Enterprise coming to Africa is a big deal for brands

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Why has WhatsApp Enterprise managed to pique the interest of so many major businesses and brands? The reason is simple, they know that the introduction of this version of WhatsApp is about to make their lives so much easier.

So, what makes this iteration of the world’s most popular messaging app so special? WhatsApp comes in three flavours, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Enterprise.

General WhatsApp needs no introduction. Most of us use it every day. In fact, surveys tell us that Namibians love and trust the app so much, that they check it a few times every hour.

The next rung on the messaging ladder is WhatsApp Business, a standalone app that allows small businesses to communicate with their customers. Customers can access a business profile that shows them details like opening hours, product catalogues, website links, and more. It also includes an automated messaging function that sends warm greetings and away messages when nobody is available to talk.

Another great feature is Instant Replies, this time-saving function allows business owners to pre-program answers to frequently asked questions. No need for someone to type the same response fifty times.

The only downside of WhatsApp Business is its reach. It’s designed for small businesses and can be limiting for bigger brands and companies. Its cap of 256 customers and reliance on manual, human-powered, messaging means it scales poorly. Thankfully a better way is finally available.

WhatsApp Enterprise allows AI-powered messaging for up to 100 000 customers all at once, skyrocketing reach and fostering growth. It saves companies time and money on customer service and makes it super easy for users to share engaging video and voice note campaigns.

What this extension allows is staggering. Consumers can check their account balances, make bookings, participate in loyalty programs, set reminders, fill out forms, enter competitions, download brochures, and receive vouchers. A potential customer can even drop a location pin and receive directions, via Google Maps, to a store they wish to visit in seconds.

There are countless examples of international brands using WhatsApp Enterprise to their advantage.

Hellman’s Mayonnaise used a WhatsApp chatbot to ask consumers what they had in the fridge and then sent them recipes they could try. They got over thirteen thousand responses and people loved the campaign.

Absolut Vodka created a chatbot called Sven, which consumers had to persuade to give them tickets to an exclusive Absolut party. The event earned them a massive amount of buzz and media attention.

South Africa’s Standard Bank launched a WhatsApp chatbot to keep customers informed about how COVID-19 affected their services.

The UNDP have a WhatsApp chatbot, built by V5 Digital, that drives consumers to learn more about the 17 SDGs and how they can contribute to creating a sustainable future for us all.

Does this sound very exciting, but a little daunting to pull off on your own?

Don’t worry, V5 Digital is fluent in chatbot! As the leading provider of chatbots in Africa, we're always happy to assist any business or brand looking to use this invaluable tool.

The very first enterprise-grade Facebook Messenger Chatbot in Namibia was built by V5 Digital for Bank Windhoek and we helped Kosmos build the first Afrikaans chatbot in Namibia. We have enhanced the customer experience for Entrepo Finance and NHP, and can do the same for you!

So if you need a chatbot that perfectly represents your business personality and achieves your particular business goals contact V5 Digital for a consultation.

Are you keen to test out one of these clever little bots? Go have a chat with our friendly chatbot here.

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