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Crafting Success and Brewing Innovation
Crafting Success and Brewing Innovation

As V5 Digital continues to grow, we are thrilled to welcome Brad Wilson as our new Customer Success & Innovation Manager. With a storied background in digital marketing and digital transformation across various industries, Brad brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to our dynamic team.

Brad, a digital alchemist who blends practical innovation with futuristic foresight began his career in digital marketing, honing his skills in digital strategy. Holding a degree in marketing and a post-graduate diploma in Digital Marketing, along with various micro certifications in product management and design thinking, Brad has applied his expertise to help large corporates in Namibia navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape and stay ahead of industry trends.

Say Hello to Brad Wilson, Bringing a Fresh Perspective to V5 Digital.
Say Hello to Brad Wilson, Bringing a Fresh Perspective to V5 Digital.

Outside of his professional life, Brad is an amateur home brewer, testing his coffee skills on imported speciality beans. He remains deeply involved in a global Web3 community, ensuring he can leverage this knowledge for African businesses when the right time surfaces. His multifaceted interests and entrepreneurial spirit are set to bring a fresh perspective to V5 Digital, further enhancing our ability to lead in digital innovation.

“I’m excited to have joined such a skilled and admired team. I look forward to the challenge of elevating the team and contributing exponential value to our clients,” said the purple-haired disruptor at his first V5 Digital Team meeting.

Brad and the V5 Digital team bonding at Salesforce World Tour Essentials Johannesburg, ready to embrace the future of digital innovation together!
Brad and the V5 Digital Team at Salesforce World Tour Johannesburg, are ready to embrace the future of digital innovation together!

We are confident that Brad’s unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm will drive us to new heights. Welcome to the team and welcome to a new era of innovation at V5 Digital.

If you want to have a chat with Brad or the rest of the V5 Digital Team, feel free to reach out below.

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Key Takeaways and Future Innovations from V5 Digital at Salesforce World Tour.
Harnessing the power of Salesforce! Team V5 Digital is ready to transform the digital landscape!

This year, 3000 attendees packed the Kyalami Convention Centre in Johannesburg, including six proud members of Team V5 Digital.

As trusted members of the partner ecosystem, we were excited to explore Salesforce's latest innovations and gain insights into the company's plans for the African continent and how they could benefit our digital marketing agency and the clients we serve. 

The event showcased Salesforce's cutting-edge solutions, highlighting why CRM + AI + Data + Trust is such a powerful formula in 2024. 

V5 Digital's the name, driving success is our aim!

Insights from Salesforce World Tour Johannesburg

Our team got some great ideas and inspiration at the event. Here are some of the highlights:

Which session or keynote did you enjoy the most, and why?

Armin: "I enjoyed all the sessions, but the highlights for me were, in no particular order:

The opening keynote provided an insightful overview of the four waves of the AI revolution. It highlighted that we are currently in Wave 2 and are already transitioning into Wave 3. The Weelee case study was particularly impressive, showcasing the power of hyper-personalization."

"In the session "The Imperative of Data Cloud for Every Company," Victoria Botella and Charles Nzimande discussed the challenges of connecting enterprise data and emphasized why data-driven companies outperform their peers."

Connecting all your data is not easy
Connecting all your data is not easy
But Data Cloud could be the solution
But Data Cloud could be the solution

"Lastly, the "Power of Marketing Cloud Intelligence" session explained that in today’s dynamic marketing landscape, success hinges on the ability to harness data-driven insights in real time.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence offers a transformative solution by seamlessly unifying all your marketing data and presenting AI-powered actionable insights in a single, intuitive dashboard."

Brad: "A standout for me was one of the opening keynotes, the case study. Russel Steyn and Adeline Cruywagen guided us through the transformation achieved by integrating Data, CRM, and AI.

They covered both the internal journey from a Salesforce user perspective and the client journey, emphasizing the seamless interactions facilitated by valuable information at every touchpoint."

Jürgen: "The main keywords for the conference were "AI and Data." Throughout the entire event, the importance of these two concepts was stressed. They demonstrated how AI and Data work together to save time, provide actionable insights, and improve overall customer satisfaction and business ROI.

My favourite keynote was Exah’s "AI Everywhere Today," which provided an excellent example of how AI is applied to both micro and macro problems, utilizing data and AI to build robust solutions."

Were there any speakers or presentations that particularly stood out to you?

Zoe: “Yes, the Women in Tech Panel comes to mind. It was eye-opening to see the challenges faced by women in the technology sector, especially in South Africa and by extension Namibia. The statistics shared highlighted the need for greater diversity and inclusion in these workspaces. As a woman in tech, it was inspiring to see this issue being recognized and valued.”

What new insights or trends did you discover at the event, and how will you apply them to our current projects or strategies?

Jessica: "The event emphasized the power of automation and AI. Salesforce is focused on using AI to handle everyday tasks, freeing up time for more important work. As a creative, having so many of my routine duties managed by AI would mean more time to come up with awesome designs for our clients."

How will the knowledge and skills gained from this event benefit our current and future clients?

Jessica: "I realized how much digital maturity Namibia could achieve with the right tools and information. Many businesses could greatly benefit from programs like Salesforce. By utilizing these programs and partnering with V5 Digital, we can help drive tech growth and innovation in Namibia. It’s an exciting prospect connecting our local businesses to the exciting world of AI and Customer Success."

Did you make any valuable connections or network with industry leaders at the event?

Armin: "It was great to finally meet Linda Saunders, Head of Solution Engineering for Africa, as well as Ileana Diaz, Strategic Account Director - Digital, and Robin Fisher, Head of EMEA Growth Markets for Salesforce. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ursula Fear, Senior Talent Program Manager.

It was wonderful to see José Pereira Rodrigues, Alliances & Channels Regional Director for Africa at Salesforce, and Russel Steyn, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce. We also met some fantastic people from the Salesforce partner team, most notably Tiaan le Roux from Exah and Bradley Greenwood from SmartenUp."

Were there any technologies or tools introduced that you believe could be beneficial for us to adopt?

Damian: “The Slack app immediately stood out to me and prompted me to attend the breakout session. One notable feature is how it allows higher-ups to extract summaries of employees' interactions with clients, providing better context before reaching out. 

This would greatly benefit the V5 Digital team by enhancing our communication efficiency and ensuring we are always well-informed when engaging with clients.”

What was your biggest personal takeaway from the event?

Jessica: "I learned that AI isn't new; it's been around for a while. Just because something is trending doesn't make it an emerging concept. We need to build trust around using AI, as we've been unknowingly utilizing it for years.

I also realized how many barriers women face in the tech field, whether due to financial hurdles or other challenges. Creating a more inclusive workspace can eliminate bottlenecks and bring in fresh, essential ideas."

How has attending this tour inspired you in your role at V5 Digital?

Jessica: "I realized I can be more than just a graphic designer. Growth isn’t linear, and there are many topics and fields that interest me. Being multifaceted could be a significant asset to V5 Digital."

What was the overall experience like for you?

Jessica: “This trip was truly eye-opening, underscoring the potential for advancement in Namibia's tech space. It made me extremely proud of V5 Digital for being innovative and ahead of the curve with Salesforce and related products. I hope that more Namibian companies can come to understand how much easier and more efficient their work can become with these advanced solutions.”

The Team all geared up and ready to delve into the latest Salesforce innovations!
The Team all geared up and ready to delve into the latest Salesforce innovations!

Armin: "I have had the opportunity to attend multiple Salesforce events in San Francisco, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Each event is electrifying. The way they tell a story about their incredible values is simply customer magic."

Are there any memorable moments or anecdotes you’d like to share?

Jessica: “A standout moment not related to the speakers or tech was seeing our global team come together and bond, especially with new member Brad joining us. It felt like we'd known each other for years, without any stress or awkwardness. Building these bonds enhanced our trust and respect for each other even more.”

The best way to bond? Over a team lunch!
The best way to bond? Over a team breakfast!

Armin: "Being a huge Motorsport fan, visiting the legendary Kyalami is a dream come true. Amazing memorabilia and photos of the glorious Formula 1 days can be seen in between the various breakaway rooms. Boardrooms and conference rooms bear the names of past greats like Jacky Ickx, Jacky Stewart, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Sarel van der Merwe."

With F1 and Salesforce as global partners, the Kyalami Convention Centre was the perfect venue to host the event.
You can't visit the Kyalami Convention Centre without geeking out over its rich motorsport history!

Wrapping Up

Attending the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Johannesburg was an invaluable experience for the V5 Digital Team. We left with a wealth of knowledge, new connections, and innovative ideas that we are eager to implement.

V5 Digital is a proud Salesforce Partner. If you want to learn more about how Salesforce can benefit your business, please reach out to a team member below:

The team heading back to Windhoek, Walvis Bay, and Cape Town, respectively.
The team heading back to Windhoek, Walvis Bay, and Cape Town, respectively.

Thank you, Joburg. 🏎️

Thank you, Trailblazers. 🤠

Thank you, Salesforce! 💙

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Grow your business with WhatsApp
Amplify your marketing impact with WhatsApp Enterprise

Want to excite and delight your customers on the world's most popular mobile messaging channel? It's easier than you think.

At V5 Digital, we empower our clients to leverage the full potential of WhatsApp For Enterprise, transforming this global platform into a powerful marketing tool for businesses like yours. This approach has sparked significant growth, enabling more meaningful, efficient, and personalized customer engagements than ever before.

Explore WhatsApp For Enterprise and learn more about its benefits, key features, how to grow your customer base, selling strategies, and more below.

Introducing WhatsApp for Enterprise

Unlike the standard WhatsApp you use to chat with family and friends, WhatsApp for Enterprise, accessed via API, was developed for companies and brands to create business profiles, automate responses, and provide a seamless customer experience.

With more than two billion users worldwide and an average open rate of 98%, WhatsApp For Enterprise lets you:

Simplify your marketing

Create, manage, and send WhatsApp marketing campaigns and newsletters, at scale. Personalize the content of each message, add exciting media such as videos, images and locations, and schedule your campaigns, ensuring your messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Expand your reach

Use WhatsApp to amplify your brand's voice. Easily broadcast promotions, exclusive content, discount codes, event invitations, or surveys directly to your customer's preferred communication channel.

Optimize your results

Stay ahead of your competition with quick campaign creation and informative analytics. WhatsApp Campaign Manager provides an insightful evaluation of results for continuous iteration, enabling agile marketing and optimized results.

Why add mobile messaging to your marketing mix?

Conversational marketing on the world's most popular messaging platform
Welcome to conversational marketing
  • ENHANCED CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Reach customers on a platform they're familiar with, fostering direct and meaningful interactions.

  • CONVENIENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Enables quick and efficient customer support through automated responses or live chat.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Provides a cost-efficient communication channel, slashing traditional customer service expenses.

  • REAL-TIME UPDATES: Instantly share product launches, offers, and updates with customers.

  • BUILDING TRUST AND LOYALTY: Personalized communication builds trust and long-lasting relationships. 

Key Features

The WhatsApp for Enterprise Platform comes packed with a range of powerful feature sets, including:

DIGITAL STOREFRONT: Provide customers with a seamless and convenient way to

explore, browse, and purchase products or services directly within the messaging platform.

PRODUCT CATALOGUES: Create and share product catalogues to showcase your offerings and deliver full digital commerce in messaging.

INTERACTIVE MESSAGING: A simpler, more consistent way to communicate with list

messages and reply buttons that increase engagement and click-through rates.

BACKEND INTEGRATION: Integrate WhatsApp into your existing business ecosystem

to leverage the convenience of messaging to drive automation and streamline


AUTOMATED GREETINGS AND RESPONSES: Set up automated greetings and

responses to engage customers promptly, creating value beyond office hours.

ANALYTICS AND INSIGHTS: Gain valuable insights into messaging performance to

deliver better customer interactions through personal, immediate service.

WhatsApp Feature Comparison between Business and Enterprise
WhatsApp Feature Comparison

Effectively Using WhatsApp For Enterprise

Leverage the full potential of the channel with these effective tips:

Get feedback from customer surveys
Get feedback from customer surveys
  • PERSONALIZATION: Customize messages and offers that make customers feel valued and appreciated.

  • TIMELY RESPONSES: Respond promptly to customer queries to highlight your commitment to excellent service.

  • CREATIVE CONTENT: Utilize multimedia content like images and videos to engage customers more effectively.

  • PRIVACY AND CONSENT: Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and obtain customer consent before sending marketing messages.

  • CONSISTENCY: Maintain a consistent brand voice and style across all interactions.

How can you build a customer base on WhatsApp?

  • PROMOTE YOUR WHATSAPP NUMBER: Tell customers to contact you on WhatsApp through your website and social media.

  • INCENTIVES FOR SUBSCRIBING: Offer exclusive deals or discounts for customers who subscribe to your WhatsApp updates.

  • INTERACTIVE CONTENT: Host polls, quizzes, or contests to engage customers and drive interaction.

  • WHATSAPP NEWSLETTER: Provide valuable content through a newsletter to keep customers engaged.

  • REFERRAL PROGRAMS: Encourage existing customers to invite their friends and family.

Selling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers unique selling opportunities for businesses like:

PRODUCT CATALOGUES: Generate and distribute product catalogues to effectively display your products and facilitate seamless digital transactions within messaging.

SECURE PAYMENT: V5 Digital can help businesses facilitate secure and seamless payment transactions within WhatsApp to unlock new commerce experiences.

PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS: Use customer data to offer personalized product recommendations.

LIMITED-TIME OFFERS: Create a sense of urgency with time-sensitive deals and promotions that can be acted on immediately, in-channel.

Shopping on WhatsApp is quick and easy for businesses and their customers
Shopping on WhatsApp is quick and easy for businesses and their customers

Growing Your WhatsApp Business Channel

Tips and tricks for driving the growth of your WhatsApp channel:

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Harness the power of customer feedback through polls and surveys to enhance your offerings and deliver a more tailored and satisfying customer experience.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Reward and retain loyal customers by implementing loyalty programs that offer exclusive discounts, personalized offers, and early access to new products or services.

NEWSLETTERS AND STATUS UPDATES: Ditch the cluttered inbox and deliver bite-sized updates and exclusive content directly to your audience’s fingertips, driving engagement and building a loyal following.

ENTRY POINTS: Simplify customer communication by providing effortless ways to

initiate messaging interactions, like click-to-chat buttons, social media adverts, QR code scanning, and more.

GEO-TARGETING: Use location-based targeting to create campaigns that resonate

with customers in specific regions, tailoring messaging to suit local preferences, events, or promotions.

Share exclusive updates with your WhatsApp audience
Share exclusive updates with your WhatsApp audience

How to get started?

Embarking on your WhatsApp Enterprise journey does not need to be complicated, especially with V5 Digital by your side, ready to unlock the myriad possibilities this platform holds for your business.

Our Team of experts can help you incorporate these cutting-edge features designed to amplify your brand's presence, enhance customer relations, and streamline your marketing efforts into your marketing strategy.

Click below to explore custom strategies designed just for you!

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