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Every business faces in-house challenges; regardless of the industry sector. That’s right... even yours.

From the gruesome amount of admin work your IT team has to endure, to staff tampering with their signatures (trying to dress them up as their own), to HR keeping staff informed and engaged with the brand. These everyday challenges all add up, and spending time trying to solve them means they each put a small dent in your marketing efforts.

What's a quick solution to tackle these problems?

Behold the supernatural power of email signature software. From IT, sales and marketing to human resources and customer service; the right email signature software can efficiently tackle all these problems so you don't have to.

Let’s dig in with some helpful solutions from our Partners at Rocketseed.

1. Transform IT frights into automated delights

The Challenge:

IT teams are only human. Updating and managing employee signatures can be a nightmare task for a company, regardless of the size. There is so much that could go wrong. And the time spent creating and managing signatures can be daunting.

Manual updates are a recipe for disaster. Errors can easily happen and signatures might not be 100% aligned with your brand - we are only human after all. Did we mention that it's also time consuming?

The Solution:

For company-wide brand consistency, you need complete central control. You need an email signature manager that easily manages all email signatures from one central point—whether on-site or in the cloud.

AD sync allows you to update all employee contact details, sender information and group structures automatically and with ease.

That's one less monster for your IT team to figure out, 4 more to go.

2. Missing a Marketing trick? Here's a treat...

The Challenge:

Marketing efforts are expensive. And still, despite all the hard work and money you put into it, your marketing message might not be seen by the right person at the right time or get the engagement and results you want.

The Solution:

With a 99% open rate and the average employee sending 1,000 emails a month – your everyday email is a must-have marketing channel for any business.

Impactful and interactive email signature marketing banners (either at the top or bottom of your email signatures) see an average click-through rate of 9%, but can reach above 20%.

Stay ahead of the game by scheduling banner campaigns in advance with your desired start and end dates (especially when running seasonal promotions). To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, be sure to segment and target your campaigns so the right message always reaches the right recipient—all the time.

Whether you want to build brand awareness, promote products and/or services, drive sales or want people to read your latest blog or case study, your marketing campaign possibilities are endless. Need some inspiration? See 33 great email marketing banner examples.

But avoid boring/overused marketing messages. They won't help the click-through rate.

3. Improve HR & Internal Communication for spellbinding results

The Challenge

Staff are (also) only human. Keeping them happy, motivated and engaged can be a dreadful undertaking. But, happy and motivated employees are your best brand ambassadors. So if they don’t believe in your brand, neither will your customers.

The Solution:

Implementing internal marketing and HR email banner campaigns will help you upskill, align and inspire your workforce.

Recruitment efforts such as promoting new vacancies and on-boarding new employees will be a breeze for HR with internal marketing banners. And any new company policies or new branded templates can easily be linked through to read or download from email banners.

Relay timely news announcements, events and training sessions to various departments or gain insight to employee thoughts through 1-click surveys.

Keep employees aligned, motivated and empowered with bewitchingly effective internal email banner communications!

4. Reanimate Customer Service for 5-star success

The Challenge:

Valuable customer feedback can be overlooked (or difficult to get). Not knowing your customers and how they perceive your business can be an absolute killer! Don’t be left in the dark with uncertainty when it comes to customer satisfaction. Undesirable customer experiences can easily lead to devastating results for your business.

The Solution:

Optimize your customer service performance by running simple 1-click survey email banner campaigns. This gives customers the opportunity to rate the service they received from staff members, using a 1-to-5-star grading – in one simple click! No lengthy form completions are necessary so there's no major turn-offs for customers.

However, you do have the option to link your survey banner to a customized form, if you wish to gain more insight from the recipient. With real-time click alerts notifying line managers instantly of any reviews, immediate action can be taken for any unfavourable feedback (or give employee recognition where it’s due).

Optimize your customer service performance so you don’t scare prospects and existing customers away.

5. Sink your teeth into a conversation-driven sales journey

The Challenge:

You’ve reached out to a new potential lead. With your eye on the clock, you wait in anticipation for a response. Are they too busy to get back to you? Or just not interested in what you’re offering? Perhaps they haven’t seen your email yet? There was a time when using read receipts was all the rage, but if you’re still using this outdated method you’re in for a surprise.

The Solution:

Automate and target your sales messages to ensure potential leads receive the most relevant message at any given time. A silent read alert is triggered every time a recipient engages with your email signature or banner, notifying you of their interest in your offering, so you can take charge immediately.

All the valuable data derived from prospect (and customer) interactions on your emails can be pulled into CRM platforms such as Salesforce, ensuring you have a complete picture of their interests and needs.

For a highly personalized experience (based on previous conversions with your prospects) override any banners assigned to you by using a specific banner’s unique subject line keyword in your subject line.

You’ll be amazed at your sales results when you add a little dash of magic to every email.

And there you have it. Meeting daily business challenges doesn’t have to be watchful thinking when you have the right email signature manager.

If you’re in the market for new email signature software be sure to check out our ultimate email signature software checklist; highlighting 15 things you need to know before buying an email signature software.

And, if you've done your homework and are ready to raise your business email signature from the dead, you can reach out to us for a tailored email signature solution.

P.S. we do a lot of other cool digital stuff too!

This article was obtained from Rocketseed.

If you are interested in an email signature solution, V5 Digital is a proud Rocketseed Partner for Namibia and beyond, please do get in touch here.

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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Here's the short and sweet: Everybody, everywhere, uses WhatsApp.

It doesn't matter if you live in Alaska or Brazil, New Zealand or Namibia. Everybody, everywhere, uses WhatsApp (more than one-fourth of the global population actually).

So, the question is, if everyone is already using WhatsApp, shouldn't your business be using it as well? Here's another short and sweet: Yes, yes it should.

Now, having a business or enterprise WhatsApp account is one thing, but making it a blessing for your business, instead of a nuisance, is another.

If you are in retail, in financial services, medical insurance or in the business of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), you absolutely should consider making use of WhatsApp Chatbots.

Besides improving customer retention and messaging interactions, Chatbots are the ultimate solution for retailers and FMCG brands when it comes to running competitions, promotions, or seasonal offerings. With Chatbots your customers don't have to write their names on till slips and drop them into a box. And you won't have to go for the dated SMS route, either.

Now, if you want a full, detailed rundown of WhatsApp Chatbots you can click right here.

But, if you're like us, and want to skip the starters and jump straight into the juicy lamb chop main-course, here are 5 (and a half) ways you can improve your business operations with WhatsApp Enterprise Chatbots.

1. You'll save time

Because they interact with users in an instantl, WhatsApp Chatbots are basically like really focused, hardworking, extremely caffeinated employees. They keep your customers up to date, satisfied and engaged. Creating a better CX (customer experience) leaving more time for you to do what you love. Win, win, win.

2. You'll give customers what they want - Texting

People really, REALLY, prefer texting. When given the choice, most people (more than half of all people, actually) prefer texting to calling.

Why? Because you need to answer, or ask, questions on the spot with little option to reply later. Using a Chatbot immediately fixes this. Because your customers can reply whenever they want, and still get instant replies. It also beats the hell out of listening to the line ring with no answer...or being put on hold.

3. Your replies are always fast

We've mentioned this a few times, but it can't be overstated enough: WhatsApp Chatbots reply fast. Like, almost instantly, fast. This makes them perfect for businesses that deal with international clients (But also any other clients—everyone loves fast replies). And because WhatsApp is a globally known and trustworthy platform, your customers won't feel squeamish or skeptical using it. It also means that every client enjoys the same experience, no matter where they're from.

4. Your interactions are fun and engaging

When you're physically replying to messages, you also deal with a lot of external variables like stress, fatigue, losing concentration, etc. All of these variables can affect the quality of interactions your clients receive. Using a bot eliminates the variables. It guarantees that each interaction is exactly how you want it. They're engaging every time, making improving client retention a lot easier. And this also means the client experience as a whole is improved. (Because it usually only takes one bad experience for you to lose a customer.)

5. You take the load off your employees

This point ties in with the previous ones, and probably doesn't need to be mentioned. But here goes (in case you still aren't convinced). By using an automated Chatbot, you remove the need for your employees to physically respond to messages. It saves time and it removes an aspect of stress from their daily responsibilities. This improves how they work because they can focus on more important tasks. (Not that replying to customers isn't important, but why use a whole human to do it when you've got Chatbots?)

5.5 You make interactions personal

The bonus half-point is probably the most important one. Most people spend a few hours a day on WhatsApp, so moving the customer experience to their preferred messaging platform makes it personal. (And so much more enjoyable.) Because it feels like engaging with a friend or colleague (especially when your bot has a little more personality). Adding a personal touch like this might just be what your customers are waiting for.

Of course, a lot of people won't be convinced that using a Chatbot is a good idea for their business. But, if you're someone who wants to explore the benefits and improved customer experience a Chatbot provides, V5 Digital offers Chatbot solutions that can be customized to your business, brand, service and industry.

You can watch our full V5 Africa Webinar with messaging expert Matze Mehner here. In the Webinar, Matze goes into detail about the power of messaging apps for businesses and enterprises and the enormous potential WhatsApp offers.

Can't wait to have a Chatbot do all your WhatsApping for you?

Contact V5 Digital here to get started!

And if you want to have a conversation with our own Chatbot, click here (just try not to make it awkward).

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Updated: Jun 21

Instagram explains how the algorithm for its Reels recommendation system works.

Instagram explains how it ranks the content people see when browsing through Reels. This insight may help you with creating more successful clips.

Instagram is pushing Reels as its next flagship feature. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has gone on record saying he wants wants to go big on video in an effort to compete directly with TikTok.

As Instagram continues to invest in Reels it’s keeping users informed about how this section of the app works.

In an Instagram post, the company reveals how it chooses which Reels are recommended to each individual user.

If Instagram is part of your marketing strategy, learning how the app recommends Reels to users is knowledge that can assist you in the future.

Here are the key takeaways.

How Instagram Recommends Reels to Users

The goal of Instagram's Reels algorithm is to surface content users will not only enjoy watching, they’ll likely engage with it as well.

In order to determine which Reels to show users, Instagram’s algorithm considers how likely an individual is to:

  • Watch a Reel the whole way through

  • Like it

  • Say it was entertaining or funny

  • Go to the audio page and make their own Reel

That last point might sound confusing if you’re not familiar with either Reels or TikTok. It refers to the ability to take an audio track from someone’s video and create your own content with it.

Unless the creator has the feature disabled, each Reel has a page where viewers can grab the audio and make a new video with the same track.

Creating a Reel with a highly shareable sound clip can get you far with the recommendation algorithm — but is it more important than likes and view count?

Related: How Instagram’s Algorithm Works & IG Content Best Practices

Most Important Reels Algorithm Signals

Instagram says user activity is the most important signal when it comes to recommending Reels.

The algorithm considers which Reels a user has engaged with in the past, and whether they’ve had any direct interaction with the content creator.

That means responding to comments, DMs, and tags can help get your content shown in peoples’ feeds more often.

After that, Instagram looks at information about the video itself and information about the content creator.

The most important signals for the Reels recommendation algorithm are (in order of importance):

  • User activity: Including recent engagement with Reels and interactions with content creators.

  • Information about the Reel: Such as its popularity, its audio track, and understanding of the video based on pixels and whole frames.

  • Information about the creator: Including who they are and how other users have interacted with them.

Types of Content Instagram Won’t Recommend

There are several types of content Instagram won’t recommend regardless of how popular the creator is or how much engagement the video receives.

Instagram avoids recommending Reels for the following reasons:

  • The video is low resolution and/or watermarked.

  • The video contains political content.

  • The video was made by political or government figures.

If you want to get anywhere with Instagram Reels, aim for producing high quality and original content. Watermarked videos recycled from other sites will not get surfaced in peoples’ feeds unless they follow the creator directly.

Lastly, keep the subject matter light and friendly for all audiences.

Article obtained from.

If you are looking to up your businesses social media game (or other Digital struggles) then feel free to contact V5 Digital!

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