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V5 Digital Powers Namibia’s Largest Medical Aid Fund.

Updated: May 26, 2020

When NHP, Namibia’s largest medical aid fund, approached V5 Digital to rebuild their website, they had one overriding goal: to make their customers’ lives easier. Medical Aid is a complicated business, so the central challenge for the Windhoek-based agency, V5 Digital, was to make the new website easy and delightful to use, with the user experience being at the forefront of the design.

In order to achieve this, V5 Digital kept the customer front-of-mind at all times, crafting ideal journeys for the various types of visitors to the site: members, potential members, as well as those simply browsing.

The first task was to ensure that site visitors could easily compare the various options & benefits offered by NHP, which involved building a custom calculator that needed to consider all permutations specific to that individual or employer, and give a price comparison for all the different plans on offer - V5 Digital displayed all the options on one page so that key differences across the packages can be compared at a glance. If a customer wishes to know more about a particular plan, they simply click into it to find out more. A handy drop-down menu allows visitors to input their details (such as age, spousal details, children and/or other dependents), and then uses these details across the various plans.

An NHP Customer browsing the new NHP Website and engaging with the Abibot through his smartphone.

Filling out application forms, printing them, scanning and then sending them back is another laborious process – and one of the first things V5 Digital aimed to solve. All of NHP’s forms are now able to be completed and submitted electronically, which is far more quicker and convenient for customers, while also saving paper and reducing the brand’s carbon footprint. Ensuring that all forms can be completed online, aligns NHP with the needs of their burgeoning market: the Millennial's and Gen Z, who spend most of their time on their phones, tablets, and laptops. The form’s library is laid out clearly and categorized in a manner that visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds.

NHP is much-loved by its members, so the brand wanted the website to be a place where members and non-members alike could access information that adds real value to their daily lives. To achieve this, V5 Digital created a news hub on the site, packed to the brim with relevant articles about how to improve health and lifestyle. When site visitors land on the news section, they see tiled images that bring to life the various topics which can be clicked into for further exploration. A simple, clear navigation bar enables visitors to toggle between events, articles, and updates as they wish.

V5 Digital Managing Director, Mr Armin Wieland, toasting to the new NHP Website with NHP Medscheme Namibia Managing Director Rudiger Saunderson, outgoing Manager of Marketing and Communication Ms Abigail Raubenheimer and Senior Manager of Marketing and Managed Care Mr Ronnie Skolnic.

V5 Digital is passionate about digital innovation that improves the customer experience. For NHP, this meant building a chatbot to live on their new site that uses artificial intelligence to provide automated responses to customer queries. When a customer engages with the bot, they can select whether they’re a member, non-member or just have a general query, which helps guide the user’s journey. If the chatbot, nicknamed “AbiBot”, is unable to provide an adequate response, the issue is escalated seamlessly to a customer care agent.

All in all, V5 Digital delivered a new site for NHP that is easy-to-navigate, highly user-friendly, and keeps the NHP customer at its heart. To see the site in action, go to

Mr Ronnie Skolnic, NHP Medscheme Namibia Senior Manager of Marketing and Managed Care:

“We wanted a website that was more user-friendly and interactive, and also accessible from the various platforms. V5 Digital delivered on their promise. What was particularly impressive was the attention paid in ensuring that they delivered in line with the client’s expectations and also the manner in which they walked the client through the entire process. Their support throughout the process was tremendous in ensuring that a flawless product was delivered according to the clients expectations, with minimal delays experienced. I can definitely recommend V5 Digital.”

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