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Episode 1: Digital Trends in 2021 with Megan Hollis

Keep up to date with the latest trends and changes in social media with Megs! She will be sharing recent and upcoming platform changes which are likely to affect your brand online in 2021. Use your lunch break to get inspired with new social media formats and tactics to level up online. 


If you are not yet sure what an Instagram Guide is, what even is Clubhouse or what the death of the cookie means - be sure to tune in as she demystifies these.

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Episode 2: Augmented Reality (AR) 101 with Dale Imerman

Dale Imerman shares what he's discovered about Augmented Reality (AR) and how brands should approach the technology. If you don't know the difference between AR, VR and AI or want to understand how Pokemon Go has achieved over a billion global downloads with 147 million active users - be sure to tune in as Dale explains Augmented Reality (AR) in easy to understand ways with local and global examples.

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Episode 3: The Magic of Email Signature Marketing with Wade Willingale

With almost 90% of business communication happening through the emails that your staff send, learn how targeted and dynamic email signature marketing and banner campaigns can help your brand market, sell and service customers every single day, like never before.
From brand consistency to customer engagement to internal staff campaigns... this is a channel you need to master for maximum impact.

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Episode 4: WhatsApp for Business & Enterprise with Matze Mehner

Similar to WeChat - the major role model in China, WhatsApp is increasingly becoming the perfect companion along the entire customer journey. Especially in e-commerce, customer service and marketing, WhatsApp offers enormous potential!

Messenger expert Matthias Mehner from MessengerPeople takes you on the journey of the (satisfied) customer in an entertaining and practical way and with many best practice examples from around the world!

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Episode 5: The Revenue Growth Platform with Tim Pogge
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.51.26 AM.png

Welcome to the era of intelligent digital marketing! The 1-to-1 connection is the new demographic.

Fuel business growth with SharpSpring's end-to-end sales, marketing automation and CRM features in a single Revenue Growth Platform. Tim will take us on a journey of dynamic content and hyper-personalized conversations by demonstrating how we can generate quality leads with targeted communication & lead nurturing and re-engage potential leads with retargeting. 

Your marketing and sales teams no longer need to spend time cobbling together tools and data. Now you can focus on growing your business and creating better customer experiences in an all-in-one marketing platform.

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Episode 6: Successful story-telling in the Digital Age Hermien Elago

Storytelling remains the most effective and powerful way to convey a message or data, especially in this continuously changing digital age. Hermien will take us on an inspiring personal journey and will share practical advice that can be readily implemented, leaving her audience at the edge of their seats.

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Episode 7: Leadership at the Speed of Light Musa Kalenga

In order to be at the cutting edge of technology, you need to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world. This means being able to lead “at the speed of light” and be able to adapt to constant changes. This approach also means using data insights and intelligence to drive decision making that can ensure that your organization can consistently create business value in the long term.

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Episode 8: Grow & Engage a Digital Audience Dave Duarte

Dave Duarte is a campaigner, entrepreneur and educator. He has given talks on social media, impact marketing and storytelling in over 25 countries As founder of Treeshake, he helps build virtual communities to drive action on issues ranging from protecting the oceans to adopting renewables.