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Doing Well by Doing Good: V5 Digital's Journey in Giving Back

Updated: Apr 25

V5 Digital is a proud Pledge 1% Partner Armin Wieland
V5 Digital is a proud Pledge 1% Partner

Oh, the Places You'll Go and the hope you’ll bestow! With a little compassion and a big desire to make the world more awesome, you'll be amazed at the profound impact you can create. As proud participants of the Pledge 1% initiative pioneered by Salesforce, V5 Digital has always believed in the power of giving back.

After many years and many opportunities to support our communities, we remain deeply committed to allocating 1% of our time, skills, and resources to initiatives that have a meaningful impact. As we scale our operations, our devotion to making a difference grows in tandem.

Small actions, big impact: we use our resources to help our community and planet

Guided by the philosophy of 'Doing Well by Doing Good', we were privileged to extend our expertise to the Stampriet Aquifer Uranium Mining Association. Recognizing the immense importance of their mission, we provided SAUMA with a comprehensive, user-friendly website and curated social media content to amplify their voice.

Our aim was to offer an online platform that would effectively spread their message, rally support, and educate a broader audience about the significance of the Stampriet Aquifer Basin and the need to protect it from exploitation.

Join us in securing a sustainable future - V5 Digital invests in our planet!

We wanted to ensure that the vital efforts of this association reached as many people as possible, further galvanizing our community and beyond to protect the precious groundwater that is such an integral part of Namibian heritage. Through this endeavour, we not only underscored our commitment to corporate social responsibility but also to the sustainable future of our beloved nation.

V5 Digital is also proudly participating in the Maties Alumni Golf Day. This event serves as a beacon of hope, rallying the community to raise funds for financially disadvantaged Namibian students. Our involvement aims to help cover the tuition costs of these promising young minds, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their potential. By investing in their education, we are investing in the future of Namibia, fostering the next generation of trailblazers and visionaries.

V5 Digital helped raise tuition fees for Namibian students
V5 Digital helped raise tuition fees for Namibian students

We could keep passionately talking about how we helped the Blumfelde Farmers Association uplift Namibian farmers, or how much we loved creating and sponsoring marketing material for the CATS Programme and the Auasblick neighbourhood watch but we’ll spare you the details.

V5 Digital proudly supports the CATS Programme
V5 Digital proudly supports the CATS Programme

At V5 Digital, we firmly believe that businesses have the power to be changemakers, to transcend beyond profits and truly engage in bettering the society they exist within. This ethos is deeply embedded in our DNA, and every member of our team resonates with this vision.

V5 Digital is #TeamEarth

As we look to the future, our commitment remains unwavering. We pledge to continuously seek out opportunities to use our skills, resources, and platforms for the greater good.

In the heart of Namibia, we stand tall,

Empowering, giving, and uplifting all.

With every good deed, our purpose will grow,

For V5 Digital, there's no limit to the places we'll go.

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