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V5 Digital celebrates V5 Africa success and invites you to "Leadership at the Speed of Light"

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The V5 Africa Webinar series is quickly becoming the premier platform for gaining and sharing business and digital insights in Africa.

Since our launch of the Webinar earlier this year, we've hosted a number of guests covering topics from storytelling with Hermien Elago to augmented reality with Dale Imerman.

Each of our Keynote Speakers are stand-out figures in their respective fields. And by sharing their stories, knowledge and expertise with the rest of Africa, more African entrepreneurs and businesses are reimagining their futures through the power of digital technology.

Why do you need to empower your business with digital technology? Because everyone is online. And every other business is fighting to stay ahead of their competitors by staying technologically relevant in the digital sphere.

In order to stay ahead, your business needs to be adaptable. You need to be able to react to changes and lead your business with speed. The speed of light, that is. But in order to lead at light-speed, you'll need to know the ropes. And there's no one better at getting you there than Musa Kalenga.

Musa is a stand-out figure in the African digital business space. He's an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert that knows a thing or two about leading at light speed. From being a client partner with Facebook for Africa, to creating technological and digital solutions for emerging African markets; he's pretty much done it all.

Musa is a lauded speaker with a deep passion for the African continent, and the potential it holds. And while he has many titles; leader, is the one that fits Musa best. If you're an entrepreneur, or business leader that's looking for ways to inject new life into your business, this is the webinar for you.

In it, you'll gain priceless knowledge on how to use data insights and intelligence to improve your decision making process and ensure that your organization can consistently create business value long term.

Strapped in and ready to engage light speed? Click here to register for the live webinar with Musa Kalenga:

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