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V5 Digital and Acacia Energy partner up to make the World a Greener Place

Acacia Energy is an international company with a powerful vision for the future: to help restore the Namibian Savannah while assisting businesses to shift away from fossil fuels. The way they will achieve this is by using the biomass from encroaching non-indigenous bush to harvest energy, which simultaneously helps restore the Savannah lands to their natural state. To realise this vision, Acacia Energy understood that they will need to attract customers for the green energy they produce as well as investors. But how would they attract their ideal target market of environmentally-minded European investors and business people?

This is where leading Namibian agency V5 Digital entered the scene. Acacia Energy approached the Windhoek-based innovators to build them a compelling online brand home, complete with a fresh logo to communicate their values.

This resulted in a win-win partnership, with V5 Digital landing its first major international client, and Acacia Energy landing a digital partner who understands how to craft superior digital experiences.

V5 Digital began the process by conducting a global audit of competitor and peer sites, to compile best practices for site functionality as well as look and feel. Next, the site map was constructed with the user experience in mind, ensuring that site visitors can navigate to exactly what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. The site was built with a highly functional content management system (CMS) so much so that news and updates can be published quickly and easily.

Acacia Energy’s new website was constructed to best convey their purpose, namely to highlight the critical issue of saving the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa and Namibia, and simultaneously providing a greener alternative to fossil fuels. This is conveyed through the messaging throughout the site, as well as through the immersive photo and video libraries that help visitors in other countries understand the issue on a visceral level - Acacia Energy´s ethos was distilled succinctly in the logo that V5 Digital conceptualized with them, conveying their green energy mission in a dynamic and memorable icon-style logo.

Google Analytics was installed, ensuring that Acacia Energy has a full view of users’ behaviour on the site (which pages they are most interested in, for example), as well as which channels are most effective at driving traffic to the site (such as Facebook and Google). Most critically, since we know that over 80% of internet users view websites on their phones, the new Acacia Energy brand home was constructed to be mobile-first, so that the mobile experience is prioritized and is as seamless and responsive as possible.

Best practice in technical SEO guided the build, so that the site is highly discoverable for search engines. In addition, a blog section on the site means that new articles can constantly be added, helping reveal Acacia Energy’s thought leadership in the green energy space. This fresh content not only keeps the site alive, giving visitors a reason to return, it also provides new keywords and phrases to Google that benefit SEO, fueling organic (unpaid) site traffic.

It is worthwhile to invest in this green energy and environmentally-minded initiative
It is worthwhile to invest in this green energy and environmentally-minded initiative

Potential customers and investors were top-of-mind throughout the site build. This then resulted in the easy-to-use concertina-style FAQ page, where visitors can quickly find out what they need to know. For those interested in Acacia Energy’s updates and developments, a simple newsletter sign-up function allows them to stay in touch after they leave the website. Prospective customers and investors can find out exactly what the benefits of buying energy from Acacia Energy are, as well as why it is worthwhile to invest in this green energy and environmentally-minded initiative. Interested parties can then complete a brief form on the site expressing their interest so that Acacia Energy can get back to them swiftly. V5 Digital ensured that any customer data that is collected is compliant with GDPR.

Does your company need a brand home that can connect with your ideal customers, no matter where they are around the world?

V5 Digital is your ideal digital partner to help you strategically in the online space. Get in touch for your free, no-obligations consultation to discover the best solution to your business problem.

For further queries or a consultation, contact V5 Digital.

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Sonia H
Sonia H
Sep 27, 2022

Heello mate great blog


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