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V5 Digital announces Nespresso Essenza winner!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

V5 Digital's Customer Success Officer Zoe Konings with the Nespresso Essenza Winner Christopher Freygang

One thing about a Nespresso coffee machine is that they are very reliable and your mornings will always start off great with a delectable cup of coffee.

The Nespresso Campaign started off with a readers survey in order for the V5 Digital Team to get to know you a little better.

We loved your input to help us be more relevant with a chance to win a Nespresso Essenza.

And the winner is...

V5 Digital is customer centric and thus created the digital survey in order for us to get to you, our audience, better. The survey consisted of personal questions, in order for V5 Digital to understand who our clients are and what is enjoyed in your free time.

We would just like to say a massive Thank you to those who've have participated in the Nespresso Campaign and for taking the time to complete our survey.

V5 Digital's Founder Armin Wieland with the Nespresso Essenza Winner Christopher Freygang

In order to encourage our audience to take part in the readers survey, we had a Nespresso giveaway, where you could stand a chance to win a Nepresso Essenza.

I mean don't we all appreciate a good cup of coffee and Christopher will definitely be spicing up his home office with a brand new Nespresso Essenza.

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