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Take Me to the Clouds Above - Happy 31st Birthday, Namibia 🇳🇦

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As we celebrate Namibia’s 31st birthday as an independent democratic nation, we invite you to climb aboard a metaphorical flight with V5 Digital and survey the Namibian landscape from above the clouds.

Looking down at our country, one is struck by its iconic dunes, forever shifting over time. Despite being an arid country, Namibia is overflowing with hope. It’s a difficult climate in which us Namibians find ourselves: no GDP growth, high levels of government debt and corruption being exposed, and tourism and many other sectors battling with the effects of COVID-19, among other issues. But just as our dunes shift, so too can our outlook.

An aerial view always reveals the patchwork of the landscape that knits together like a quilt. Despite our historical differences and richly diverse cultures, the people of Namibia have knitted together over time to stand united with pride in our Land of the Brave. We have achieved so much, yet there is so much more to be done.

To set our flight path right, we need to roll up our sleeves and build back better to arrive at the digitally enabled, inclusive destination we long for.

Despite the current turbulence, Namibia is a nation full of bright, innovative minds, who can seize this opportunity to use technology and digital tools to navigate toward an ecologically sustainable future.

Our thirties are a time in which we recognize our potential and stake our claim. Namibia at thirty-one is a place in which the sky is the limit.

We took you on this metaphorical flight because at V5 Digital, we have always been inspired by aviation – which is the source of our name.

At V5 Digital we are proudly Namibian, serving customers locally and around the globe. Our aim is to partner with you to take Namibia to greater heights. Happy 31st birthday Namibia, we love ❤️ thee.

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Rabbi Hosea Renton
Rabbi Hosea Renton
Mar 21, 2021

Tell me about the V5


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