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Managing a crisis with email signatures and email banners.

Updated: May 26, 2020

The Complete Guide.

Crisis management is a key part of any successful digital strategy. And everyday business email is your most used communication channel. So how can you best use email signatures and email banners to make your everyday employee email a highly effective crisis management tool? COVID-19 – the global Corona virus pandemic – has thrown this into sharp focus for all of us. You’ve assessed the impact on your business. You’ve developed your prevention plan and key message. Now you need to communicate it clearly to inform, reassure and engage your stakeholders – your customers, staff, partners, suppliers and others.

What makes email signatures and banner campaigns effective in a crisis? Rapid reaction speed. When a crisis moves fast you need to update your messages immediately. Central email signature and banner control means company-wide updates can be made in an instant, keeping your business on top of any evolving crisis.

Immediate Impact. Your message needs to cut through the noise of a crisis. An eye-catching banner at the top of each email ensures immediate attention. Urgent engagement. You want immediate interaction but don’t want to add to any panic. Clear, concise copy and a compelling call-to-action on your banner will directly engage your audience and get them clicking through to your detailed prevention plan.

Every email opened. Maximize the chances of your prevention plan and instructions being read. With a crisis email banner campaign you’re communicating your prevention plan with every email you send and, because it’s everyday business email, it’s always opened. Central brand control. To manage a crisis, it’s vital to have clear, unified, branded messages across your business’s employee emails. Centrally-controlled email signatures and banner campaigns guarantee all your staff are on-brand and on-message – presenting a united front.

Target key messaging. Target key stakeholder segments with banner messaging – and links to content – that really matters to them. Reassure them all you have a prevention plan in place. Give customers information on closures, refunds and/or future deals, provide partners with tips on doing business during the crisis, and direct suppliers to updated access and order details.

Internal staff engagement. Use training banners on your internal email to direct staff to your prevention plan training content and track their engagement. It’s essential that all staff understand their role in your crisis management plan, especially those in customer facing-roles.

Disclaimers. Don’t underestimate the legal and compliance implications of a crisis. Remember to review your email disclaimer in consultation with your company’s legal department. Again, use central control to ensure the right disclaimer appears on every employee’s email.

Track engagement. Check who is actively engaging with your prevention plan with key email banner click-through metrics. Real-time click alerts show you exactly who is engaging and enables targeted follow-up where required. Look to the future. As well as informing and reassuring, use your email banners to keep your business moving forward. Feature your latest promotions and advance purchase deals, – including on CRM-generated response emails – to help secure your pipeline and continue converting customers.

And when the crisis is over… Well, that’s when email banner campaigns make the perfect channel to put your brand and business back on track promoting your newest products, latest offers and company news – all geared to driving direct engagement. Email signatures and email banner campaigns make a highly effective crisis management tool. Email banner campaigns add reach, impact, flexibility and interactive, track-able engagement to your strategy, whilst centralized control lets you inform and reassure your stakeholders with complete brand consistency.

Crisis Management Summary This is a uniquely difficult time for businesses across the globe. Rest assured that we’re still fully operational, albeit remote, and ready to assist with your needs. We can assist with banners for governmental departments and crisis management professionals, as well as all customers who would like to create crisis management campaigns.

This article was originally published by Rocketseed.

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