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How V5 Digital made Namibia fall in Love with Digital in 2020

Love Digital winners: Joe von Schumann with a lamb braaipack from BraaiTime, Namibia’s most loved meat App, Cherien Simataa with a Social Media Marketing Masterclass from D.O. Digital Academy, Heidi Christ with the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker and Armin Wieland, founder of V5 Digital.
Love Digital winners (from left to right): Mr Joe von Schumann with a lamb braai pack from BraaiTime, Namibia’s most loved Meat App, Mesdames Cherien Simataa with a voucher for a Social Media Marketing Masterclass from D.O. Digital Academy and Heidi Christ with the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker as well as Mr Armin Wieland, founder of V5 Digital.

When V5 Digital celebrates, we celebrate BIG! In February 2020 we launched our Love Digital competition to celebrate Valentine’s month, while fostering a love for digital and creating awareness for the V5 Africa - our Love for Data & Digital Conference. How did we achieve this?

But first 🥁 🥁 🥁 … who are the competition winners? Watch the video below to find out!

We asked Amazon Alexa to announce our three winners in the “Love Digital" competition.

Our omni-channel approach meant that the campaign drove awareness across social media and email, bolstered by the strategic use of influencers and the social media account of a popular local radio station. Excited Namibians clicked through to the competition micro-site, where they could quickly fill in their details on the online-form to stand a chance to win one of three enticing prizes: an Amazon Echo Speaker, a Social Media Marketing Masterclass, and a BraaiTime braai pack. While on the mobile-friendly micro-site, consumers also learnt about V5 Digital’s Love for Data & Digital Conference and could reserve their seat for the dynamic event.

V5 Digital loves digital and strives to remain on the cutting edge, which is why we used best practice Marketing Automation software from industry leader SharpSpring to help the Love Digital campaign come to life.

This means that when consumers filled in the form on the micro-site, they received an automated email confirming their entry - thanks to SharpSpring. That’s not all: SharpSpring has made sure that every recipient’s email was personalized according to the preferences they entered in the form. If you selected the option that you would love to win the Amazon Echo speaker and you would be most interested in V5 Digital’s email marketing services, you should have received an email tailored exactly to those preferences.

We used email triggers to identify consumers who did not open their original email, so that we could send them a gentle reminder of the competition opportunity. The next trigger guaranteed that all recipients who opened the original email received a follow-up the next day – packed with V5 Digital’s top online trends for 2020. Consumers could read just the overview of trends or click on a trend that caught their eye to read up more on our website. On top of helping recipients fall in love with the ever-evolving world of digital, this email contained fully trackable links, so that V5 Digital could understand which content consumers found most appealing.

The great thing about Marketing Automation is, that it means fewer grey hairs with less to worry about. Case in point: we used SharpSpring to ensure that a week after we sent out the first email, all recipients automatically received an email containing all the information their hearts could desire about the V5 Digital service, which they had indicated they would be most interested in.

The service preference they had indicated there was also automatically added to their Buyer Persona, helping V5 Digital develop a 360-degree view of every lead. From a reporting standpoint, SharpSpring’s campaign attribution tool revealed which sources contributed to campaign entries.

If you would like to know more about how SharpSpring's Marketing Automation can help your business prosper, or if you’d like more information about any of V5 Digital’s services, book a free consultation to find out how you can fall deeper in love with digital.

And if you didn’t win this time, don’t fret – there are plenty more competitions coming up from V5 Digital, so keep your eyes peeled.

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