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Falling in love with email

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Email was and always will be marketers’ first (digital) love, and it’s turning more heads today than ever before. It has revolutionised the way in which marketing communications are executed.

But what about communicating with clients and employees on a more personal level?

Here’s a few suggestions you might find useful if you are serious about using email to its full potential; ensuring optimised customer service performance and consistent employee satisfaction.

A labour of love

What’s your business relationship online status? Would clients call it a little “complicated”?

Gain some clarity by including one-click surveys in the form of a “Rate my Service” banner on all your employee emails. This will give your client the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they just received, and in return produce valuable insights on how your employees are really representing your business.

Real-time click alerts put you in the position to quickly work out how to put right any problems flagged up by unfavourable responses, so you can save the relationship. But there’s more…

What did the rating reveal about your employee? Did they measure up to the level you’ve come to expect from them or did they fall short of expectation? This invaluable information will help you to give praise (boosting employee confidence and leaving them with a feeling of appreciation) or maybe open your eyes to the need for some tough love and additional training.

I bet you never knew that one email could provide you with insights on both your clients and employees at the same time. Now isn’t that great news!

Finding (and keeping) the perfect match

Email is the perfect solution for HR departments when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees.

When looking to fill new available positions, why not turn to existing employees first? Internal positions can be advertised in email banners to specific departments in order to target ideal candidates who fit the necessary criteria.

But this is just the beginning.  After having found the perfect candidate (whether internally or externally), your entire on boarding process can be automated. Do you remember your first day at a new company? Did you feel slightly overwhelmed, and a little unloved?

Make the candidate feel welcome and simplify the admin process with an on boarding campaign. Include valuable information and documentation in each mailer, such as policies and procedures, training schedules and more.

Every click is recorded, keeping you informed on the candidate’s engagement.

For the love of your employees

What if I told you that losing an employee could cost as much as 213% of their annual salary? I’ll give you a moment to let that one sink in.

And no, it’s not always “all about the Benjamin’s” for employees. They want to feel valued. They want to be involved. They want to feel empowered. They want to be challenged. They want to feel appreciated and loved.

Do any of these feelings resonate with you? Yes, we’ve all been there. And we have the perfect email solution for you.

Enter Internal Marketing.  You can inject specific, targeted internal marketing messages on email banners to different departments within your organisation. Distribute an important message from the CEO or convey a simple staff survey. Raise internal brand awareness to ensure employees are aligned with the organisation’s mission and vision. Notify them of upcoming events and don’t forget about wellness and safety messages.

The options really are endless and the key is to keep the communication alive. It’s all about engaging and involving them in the process.

An employee who is engaged, inspired, motivated and loved is not thinking about dumping you for another competitor anytime soon.

How does your communication skills measure up?

Our world is email, and well, we just LOVE email and all its endless possibilities.

It’s interactive. It’s personalised. It’s targeted. And the analytics speak for themselves.

So, if you feel that your business communication skills might be lacking and you’re serious about building stronger, more meaningful relationships with your clients and employees alike, we would love to hear from you. Maximize the potential of your email for improved, all-round communication.

This article was originally published by Rocketseed.

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