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Driving Innovation: V5 Digital's Adventures in Customer Success

Updated: Apr 24

As the V5 Digital Team gear up to attend the Salesforce World Tour Essentials Johannesburg 2024 let's take a look back at last year's exciting event.

The D in V5 Digital could easily stand for Detail considering how much attention is paid to it. In their continuous pursuit of enhancing customer success, the V5 Digital Team travelled thousands of kilometres over recent weeks. Their objective? To gain valuable insights from their partners and clients that are sure to drive future innovation and spur business growth.

Armin Wieland and Jürgen Teichert preparing to drive innovation and revolutionize customer relationships at Salesforce World Tour.
Armin Wieland and Jürgen Teichert preparing to revolutionize customer relationships at Salesforce World Tour

First, founder Armin Wieland and Customer Success Officer, Jürgen Teichert raced to the Kyalami International Conference Centre in Johannesburg to attend the premier event: Salesforce World Tour Essentials. As a Salesforce Partner, V5 Digital enjoyed hearing more about what the World’s number 1 CRM has in store for the African business landscape.

The event was hosted at the Kyalami racetrack, which seems odd until you learn that Formula 1 is a Salesforce customer.

Of particular interest were the updates on the company's ambitious 2021 targets for Africa. The progress towards generating $5.1 billion in new business revenue and creating 31,800 jobs by 2026 was both impressive and promising.

Salesforce has recently rolled out its Cloud AI and Einstein GPT offerings which are already making a trillion decisions every week. The initial demos were both mesmerizing and revealing, showing how the integration of AI with CRM capabilities has dramatically changed the dynamics of business communication and customer relationship management.

The world's first generative AI for CRM is here!

These tools not only streamline processes but also provide deep insights that could revolutionize how companies approach their strategies. This bold and forward-thinking technology really showcased why Salesforce remains a world leader in this domain and V5 Digital can’t wait to incorporate these innovations into our own solutions.

Learn what African Trailblazers had to say about Salesforce World Tour Johannesburg

Also going the extra mile, literally, to make sure that she understood the needs of V5 Digital’s Namibian clients was our Customer Success Strategist, Freda Smit, who travelled from Cape Town to Windhoek to conduct an extensive round of client meetings.

Team V5 Digital + Team PostFin = Marketing Magic
Team V5 Digital + Team PostFin = Marketing Magic

Freda's visit was focused on gaining firsthand insight into their challenges, aspirations, and goals. Her open and engaging dialogues with these digital trendsetters offered a valuable understanding of their current pain points and future business objectives.

Fueling digital innovation with Vivo Energy
Fueling digital innovation with Vivo Energy

Freda immersed herself in a diverse set of industries, which included participating in the NHP AGM, having in-depth discussions about the digital acceleration of PostFin, comprehending the specific needs of Vivo Energy, and appreciating the serene allure of Kalahari Game Lodge to better amplify their digital visibility and refine their marketing strategies.

Freda left Kalahari Game Lodge with a deeper understanding of what makes it so special
Freda left Kalahari Game Lodge with a deeper understanding of what makes it so special

These insightful sessions enable V5 Digital to tailor their digital solutions to better align with each client's specific requirements and goals and create a truly personalized experience for each one.

A healthy partnership: V5 Digital x NHP
A healthy partnership: V5 Digital x NHP

Through this relentless pursuit of detail and a deep commitment to understanding client needs, V5 Digital underscores its mission to provide world-class, personalized digital solutions.

The team's travels to Johannesburg and Windhoek demonstrate that the D in V5 Digital is about Detail, Dedication, and Delivering unparalleled digital solutions across Africa and beyond.

Interested in a Digital Marketing Team that's willing to go the distance to help you succeed? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with V5 Digital below:

Register for World Tour Essentials Johannesburg before 6 June 2024: Here

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