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Chatbots are the Future of Digital Marketing

Updated: May 27, 2020

How many chat messages have you sent today?

Across SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype and Twitter

20? 50? 100?

Probably a lot, and that’s typical.


Since 2014, people have been using chat apps more than they have social media tools. On Facebook Messenger alone, more than eight billion messages are sent around the world daily, and the Messenger marketing platform is responsible for millions of messages between people and businesses.

Given this, chatbot marketing is has become one of the biggest growth opportunities in the digital marketing space.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has even pivoted Facebook entire future around private messaging. Case in point, check out all the messaging-centric news which came out of Facebook's recent F8 conference.

But chat marketing is bigger than Facebook. Chatbots, which can interact with people 24/7. without human intervention, are being used on a wide range of websites and in mobile apps in every industry - for marketing, sales, customer service and more.

Chatbots are expected to save businesses U$ 8 billion within the next five years.

We've included a range of other chatbot stats and trend data notes in this infographic - if you haven't considered the potential of chatbots for your brand yet, it may be time to give the option some thought.

Article adapted from an author named Larry Kim from Social Media Today - leading industry publication.

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