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Introduction to Social Media Marketing

V5 Digital is excited to announce a partnership with D.O. Digital Academy.  D.O. Digital offers affordable online courses about digital and social media marketing which students and working professionals need to learn to thrive in today's digital first world.

Thanks to the academy's agency driven approach, the courses offer up to the minute training material straight from industry experts. The courses are designed to be engaging and fun, whilst teaching invaluable skills to those interested in digital marketing.

The partnership allows Namibian course participants access to on the ground support from the V5 Digital team who best understand the Namibian digital landscape and its opportunities for marketers. 

The first course, an Introduction to Social Media Marketing is an 8 week beginners course covering how best to market products and services on social media. It gives students all the tips, tools, tricks and hacks to create better content on social media.

Not only that but also how to strategically promote this through paid media. The course is already enjoying great reviews and loads of positive feedback!


V5 social media marketing wording

"The course is cleverly designed to cover an overview of the complete range of social media marketing options; and is packed full of handy hints and tools - many that I have already put into action. This is a game-changer, and will definitely help me put my best social media marketing foot forward."  

V5 Digital cannot wait to assist you in becoming better equipped to help you thrive in the digital age.

I want to #dodigitalbetter.

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Download course information HERE

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