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Our Customer Partnership Pledge and V5 Digital Customer Success Charter for you, our valued Client

10 things you can expect from V5 Digital:

1.  To act professionally and respectfully.

2.  To respond within four hours to queries and requests. (within working hours)

3.  To deliver innovative digital solutions tailored to your needs.

4.  To use data-driven insights to inform strategy decisions.

5.  To maintain transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

6.  To meet agreed deadlines and keep projects within budget.

7.  To provide expert guidance and advice in digital marketing.

8.  To be flexible and adapt strategies as needed.

9.  To value and protect your confidential information.

10.  To build a long-term partnership focused on achieving your strategic goals.

10 things V5 Digital can expect from you :

1.  Maintain professionalism and respect.

2.  Respond within 8 hours to keep projects on track. (within working hours)

3.  Set realistic expectations for timelines and budgets.

4.  Trust V5 Digital to effectively guide your digital strategy.

5.  Provide necessary access to information and resources.

6.  Supply detailed briefs to minimise ambiguity.

7.  Submit project requests well in advance.

8.  Pay Invoices before or on the due date.

9.  Engage actively in the collaborative process.

10.  Provide constructive feedback to refine and optimise strategies.

Version 1   |   16 May 2024

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