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Laminate comes in enormous sheets, but you may trim it down to size to fit the task. TheKingLive will help you Learn How To Cut Laminate At Home.

Job Preparation

Measure the space using a measuring tape. Add 1 inch to all sides in case of breaking or splitting during the cutting process. To account for waste and errors, TheKingLive suggests you purchase 5-10% more material.

Bring your laminate sheets indoors and set them down for 72 hours before starting. Before cutting cuts, unpack the boxes and let the laminate adapt to the moisture levels.

The blade must be sharp and thin. Table saws, circular saws, jigsaws, miter saws, and hand saws are all alternatives for cutting equipment. Table saws, circular saws, and jigsaws are commonly used. You'll also need safety glasses, a tape measure, a dust mask, and a non-permanent fine-tipped pen.

Cutting Laminate to Length

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Place the sheets on a level work area. Because you'll be cutting the laminate with the completed side up, spread the sheets out face up as well. The cut lines are marked right onto the completed surface. Use a measuring tape to determine the length required, then mark the lines where the cuts must be placed with a fine-tipped marker and non-permanent ink.

A circular saw or a handsaw is typically the ideal tool. Maintain the laminate sheet with the completed side up. Thoroughly saw along the line you've just measured and marked with your cutting instrument. After cutting, wipe away any residual ink from the laminate's surface using a moist towel.

Cutting Laminate to Width

Place a complete sheet of laminate on top of the next-to-last component. Arrange the sheet so that it’s snug against the wall. Make a template out of a spare piece of laminate. Make certain that the scrap is the same width as the overlap. Then, position the template over the laminate sheet that has to be cut.

With the non-permanent marker, draw your cut line into the surface using the template. Saw along the specified line using your cutting tool. A jigsaw, circular saw, or handsaw will be most effective.

Cutting Laminate Around Obstacles

Obstacles typically necessitate the creation of uneven or curved cuts. The jigsaw is the best match for the job. Hold a piece of paper up to your impediment and draw around it. Remove the shape from the paper. Place the paper template next to the obstruction to test the shape's correctness.

With the marker, sketch the desired curving form onto the piece of laminate using your paper. Cut along the specified line with the jigsaw. Hold the jigsaw upright to provide a clean cut from one side to the other.

After cutting, use a vacuum to clean all the dust. You may need to look through our guide on How to clean out a vacuum hose after cleaning.

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A Complete Guide On How To Cut Laminate At Home

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